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Artist Statement

It started with handcrafts - as a young girl my mother and grandmother introduced me to embroidery, knitting and beading. Even as I studied graphic design in college, and worked for many years as a graphic designer, I continued to work with fiber. My interest evolved from weaving to papermaking to knotting, and now, works on paper, which are painted, torn, woven, sewn and layered.

Throughout the years, I’ve explored new ways to express myself through my art. Now I’m using many of the techniques I always loved, but I’m combining them to make more complex pieces, using ink, paper, pastels and embroidery thread. 

There is nothing like the tactile feel and rhythm of creating a piece of art and watching it take form. I incorporate beading and color to add luster and texture to the fiber work, and for the works on paper, I’m adding pastels and threads; all of which allows me a multitude of possibilities. 

My inspirations range from the colors found in nature to the beaded detail work on a couture gown. On the most personal level, art gives me a chance to immerse myself in a peaceful, private meditative process.

Contemporary Artworks

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